INNOVV K2 Front & Rear Motorcycle Camera


The Innovv K2 dual motorcycle camera system is designed specifically for use on bikes, is high quality and has Twin (Front & Rear) 1080p HD Video and a great mobile app to control everything.

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The K2 is a Front & Rear mounted HD camera system for your Motorcycle that works just like a Dashcam…

The Innovv K2 dual camera system is a permanently fitted recording solution designed specifically for motorcycles. It’s straight-forward to fit and is engineered to be robust, waterproof and reliable.

High Build Quality that will last

We understand the requirements of motorcycle camera systems and this, latest generation K2 is engineered using precision CNC router aluminium for reliable durability wherever you take your ride.

A great Mobile App for Simple Operation

Review live recordings, update device settings and Download video simply. The app makes the operation of your K2 a simple pleasure; share your video easily and playback recordings at will. Available for Apple & Android devices.

100% Waterproof Camera System

The K2 is built for motorcycles and no matter how bad the weather gets, you can take assurance that it won’t leak! So when you hit that tropical rain storm, heavy rain or that massive puddle, the system is 100% waterproof and ready for whatever you (and the environment) can throw at it.

Easy to Fit to any Bike

This dual camera system is easy to fit and comes with everything you need to wire it into your bike. The DVR and Power unit are designed for Motorcycles and won’t overload your bike electrics and all the connections are solid and secure for peace of mind and total reliability.

Built-in GPS, Automatically track your rides

The Innovv K2 recordings contain your location and speed using the built-in GPS. You can use the map on the mobile app to explore your routes, terrain, track your rides and even share with your friends.

INNOVV K2 DVR The Latest Generation Dual Camera System for your Motorbike

Full HD 1080P Recording

Both front and rear cameras record in Full HD Video and use high quality Sony Exmore R CMOS sensors that provide a wide dynamic range at 1080P/30fps.

Discreet, Hidden Installation

Hidden installation protects your camera and is unlikely to attract attention

Use the Mobile App to Control Everything on your setup

Once you’ve installed your K2, the Mobile App gives you all the control you’ll ever need

innov k2 camera setup on app

The Mobile Wi-Fi App communicates directly with your K2 DVR and makes it simple to work with the video!

  • Control all the camera settings
  • View the Live Video Feed
  • Take photos straight from the camera
  • Quick access to all video recordings and downloads
  • Simple options to share recordings with others

Wired In, Always Recording, Full 1080P HD

Comes with video cable lengths: Front Lens 1.5mtr, Rear Lens 3.0mtr and GPS cable of 1.21mtr able to handle any motorcycle installation

The K2 captures HD 1080p video on both cameras at 30 fps
The lens is 6G Glass, Metal Chassis, IR Cut and captures a wide angle of view (Diagonal 145°/ horizontal 120° / vertical angle 100°)

Innovv K2 Motorcycle Dashcam

Explore, Track and Share with the Built-In GPS

All K2 recordings contain your location and speed using the built-in GPS. Use the map to explore the local terrain, track your rides, and even share with your friends.

K2 Dual Camera Motorcycle Dashcam GPS

Recycled Loop Recording

The Innovv K2 motorcycle camera system uses a recycled file system to capture the most recent footage. As the camera records, the oldest files will be overwritten to provide a continuous ‘loop’ of recordings. Increase the time it takes to cycle through the loop by increasing your memory card to the camera’s maximum supported capacity of 256GB!

K2 Parking mode for increased motorcycle safety

Smart Power Supply and Parking Mode

The K2 Power supply ensures that your cameras kick-in a few seconds after you start your bike but it also has a brilliant feature built in to protect your bike when you’re away.

The smart power supply module of Innovv K2 motorcycle camera system enables safe parking mode recording while you’re away from your motorsport vehicle.

If your bike is knocked or moved when you’re away, the system will automatically kick in and start recording. It’s a great safety feature.

Designed for Motorcycles,
But The INNOVV K2 is Made for You, Whatever your vehicle

The INNOVV K2 Dual Camera system can be fitted to any vehicle that runs on 12v electrics so it’s not restricted to just motorcycles. Whether you have 2, 3, 4 or more wheels, you can have a great quality, waterproof, Twin Camera Wi-Fi DVR solution to capture all your driving. Motorcycle, Car, Boat, Caravan, Monster Truck!

Whatever your vehicle the K2 is a Great 2 camera DVR solution

K2 Overview


No. Part No. Part No. Part
0 DVR 1 WiFi Indicator 2 Recording Indicator
3 Photograph Indicator 4 GPS Indicator 5 Power Button
6 Power Cable Connector 7 Camera B Connector (Rear) 8 GPS Cable Connector
9 Power Cable Connector 10 Mini USB Port 11 Micro SD Card Slot
12 Rubber Pad 13 Thumb Screw 14 Video Cable
15 Camera A (front) 16 Camera B (rear) 17 Waterproof Connector
18 GPS Module 19 12v to 5v Converter 20 Lens Glass

App Download and Operation

Innovv K2 Mobile App
  • Search and download INNOVV K2 on the Google Play Store for Android or the APP store for Apple devices. or,
  • Scan above QR code to download INNOVV K2 App right to your device.
  • Storage must be allowed from App permissions for downloading videos/photos from camera to your device.
  • Select INNOVV_K2_*** from WiFi networks to connect. or,
  • Settings => Wireless & networks => INNOVV K2
  • Default password is 12345678.


Operation and LED Indications

Indicator Status Function
WiFi Indicator (green) Flashes once per second Camera is ready for WiFi connection
Solid on Camera connected to Mobile device via WiFi
Recording Indicator (red) Flashes once per second Recording
Solid on Recording is stopped
Quick flash 3 times per second No SD Card in DVR
Red light stops once and lights again SD Card Formatting
Photograph (blue) Quick flash 3 times per second Photographing
GPS (yellow) Flashes once per second Camera is ready for WiFi connection
Solid on Camera connected to Mobile device via WiFi
4 Indicators flash at the same time Firmware upgrading

Innovv K2 App Settings

App Features Settings
WiFi WiFi Name INNOVV_K2_****
WiFi Password 12345678(Default)
Settings Resolution 1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps, 720p 30fps
Loop Video 3min (Default), Off, 1min, 5min, 10min
Time Lapse Off, 100ms, 200ms, 500ms
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
G-Sensor Off, Low, Mid, High
Video Flip On / Off
Audio On / Off
Date/Time Display On / Off
Memory Card State Inserted/Empty
Remaining Space Un-occupied Memory card space
Memory Card Formatting Yes
Video Stamp Click to Input
Power Off Shuts off camera
Time Sync Sync camera time with your device time
File Path the path of the files store on your device
Firmware Version the current firmware version
App Version the current app version
System Reset Reset to factory settings

12v to 5v DC Converter Connection

C5 Power Converter


  • The red wire is to the positive terminal of the battery,

  • The black wire is to the negative terminal of the battery,

  • Yellow wire connects to a switched power source from your bike such as ignition, head light, trial light etc.


  • Consistent power supply, won’t drain internal battery during riding.

  • Recording start/stop follows ignition on/off, so your ride will always be captured.

  • 10 seconds power on/off delay to avoid power drops when the engine starts, that protects camera system to work properly.

SD Card Selection and Recording Times

C5 SD Card Recording Times

Class 10 Micro SDHC with Adapter 80mb/s (MB-MC32DA/AM)

The Micro SD card should be formatted in-device using the mobile app before recording begins.



Additional information

Class 10 SD Card

None, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB


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